Being an US gov sub contractor…


Things do not look so bright for US government subcontractor: First, with current talks on debt stalled and a 2nd of August deadline they should hurry to get paid before US gov runs out of cash. Second, they are the target of many hacktivist groups from Lulzsec to Anonymous and many others which are using their Internet server to collect sensitive data and/or just say they disagree on some point of US foreign policy.

Few weeks ago, LulzSec successfully hacked into an FBI related company’s systems and few days ago (read “En garde!” for more information), Anonymous managed to take control of Mantech International.

Anonymous is likely to have been able to get some internal documents from Mantech International, including some “Restricted” information related to NATO and other ongoing military operations. As a proof to their success, Anonymous posted on torrent site a 390Mb file that appeared to contain reports related to NATO, the US Army and personnel files…

statement posted to Mantech’s homepage said the company “takes seriously recent reports of a cyber threat, and we responsibly and actively address all sources of information about threats to our information and assets and those of our customers.” It neither confirmed nor denied the Anonymous claims Mantech was compromised “utterly and throughly”.

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